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24 Mar 2020, 08:18 (615 дней назад)
Title: Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai v03.04.2019 (English).zip
Size: 6.44GB

Version: 03.04.2019
No special installation required.
Extract and play.
Double click Launcher.exe to launch.

Ryousuke moved back to his hometown of Shionagi, which he had been away from for seven years, and transferred into his new school in the middle of the summer. He reunited with his childhood friend Marika, met the sole astronomy club member Sora and made new friends among his classmates. He joined the event management committee to enjoy his school life even more. Along the way, he noticed the dreams of the girls around him, along with his own desires to be closer to them. On this particular summer day begins a love story that extends towards the future.

Link: 👉 Click me then press START to get the link

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