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NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:48
CNBC: Powell notes economic improvement, but says the pandemic remains a risk

Powell said in testimony prepared for delivery to Congress on Tuesday that the economy is growing but faces continued threats from the pandemic.
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:48
CNBC: Chicken giant Sanderson Farms reportedly exploring a potential sale

Sanderson Farms is exploring a potential sale of the company as prices of poultry continue to rise due to increased demand, the Wall Street Journal reports.
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:46
NBC News: How the far right turned America's teachers into Marxist boogeymen

Evidence abounds that educators tend to avoid rather than dive into politically hot topics. And such hesitancy has consequences.
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:44
The Verge: Amazon eyes robot truck startup as it continues to hedge its bets on AV technology
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:34
The Verge: Windows 11: the latest on Microsoft’s ‘next-generation’ OS
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:34
BBC News: Covid: Vaccines running out in poorer nations, WHO says

There are chronic shortages in some nations where Covid infections are surging, a key official says.
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:28
CNBC: Watch these key levels in bitcoin over the next few months, Oppenheimer analyst says

Bitcoin took another leg lower Monday, and Ari Wald of Oppenheimer says investors ought to pay attention to these key levels.
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:23
CNBC: Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: Sanderson Farms, Globalstar & more

These are the stocks posting the largest moves in after-hours trading.
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:18
CNBC: Tesla's former automotive chief sold more than $270 million of stock after leaving on June 3

Guillen became President of Automotive in the third quarter of 2018, overseeing all of Tesla's automotive business.
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:16
NBC News: Small Alabama community mourns loss of 9 children in car crash

Mourners gathered at a local high school to grieve and pray together after Saturday's deadly accident.
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:16
NBC News: Georgia police appealing to public for help solving road-rage killing

Carmen Lee, 25, might have been the unintended victim of a highway shooting on Memorial Day weekend.
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:14
BBC News: Wimbledon: Fans frustrated as Ticketmaster cancels tickets

Customers say they've lost out on tickets to the finals because the rules on credit cards weren't made clear.
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:09
The Verge: Univision is launching a new streaming service with a free tier
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:01
NBC News: Ex-girlfriend of Dippin' Dots CEO accuses him in lawsuit of circulating sexual images of her

Stephen Fischer threatened to circulate graphic images of his ex-girlfriend during their relationship and after their breakup, according to the lawsuit.
NewsNote 22 Jun, 00:01
NBC News: Latest releases from Beats, TOMS and more

Notable releases include VIDA vaccination card holders, Hedley & Bennett VANS and more.
NewsNote 21 Jun, 23:58
CNBC: Delta plans to hire more than 1,000 pilots by next summer as travel demand surges
NewsNote 21 Jun, 23:54
BBC News: I want girls to be proud of being girls, says Ofsted chief inspector

Ofsted's chief inspector responds to St Paul's Girls' School's decision to ditch the name head girl.
NewsNote 21 Jun, 23:36
NBC News: Drone video shows aftermath of tornado in Chicago-area suburbs

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado passed through the towns of Naperville, Woodridge and Darien.
NewsNote 21 Jun, 23:19
The Verge: Microsoft will build native Xbox games for the cloud, and the woman behind Portal will lead
NewsNote 21 Jun, 23:16
NBC News: Wastewater helps Missouri track rise of delta variant

"Our system will tell you about an entire city without any bias for anything. As long as you use the sewer system, we will detect it," one researcher said.