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BBC News: Watch as BBC reaches a hidden war’s jungle front line

The BBC spends a month inside Myanmar, where young medics, teachers and fighters are powering the revolution against the ruling military junta.

BBC News: Four dead and 21 injured in Majorca building collapse

Four people die and 21 are injured after a restaurant collapsed in Majorca, emergency services say.

BBC News: 'Surgeon left a specimen bag inside me after hernia op'

Part of Tom Hadrys's bowel cut out during the operation was also left behind by the surgeon.

BBC News: Littler beats Humphries to win Premier League Darts title

Teenager Luke Littler wins the 2024 Premier League Darts title with an 11-7 victory over world champion Luke Humphries at the O2 Arena in London.

BBC News: Sean Kingston's home raided after singer accused of not paying for huge TV

A company claims Sean Kingston did not fully pay for a 232-inch television and sound system.

CNBC: Here's where the last $6 billion in CHIPS Act semiconductor award money is going

The Commerce Department is weighing how to allocate the final $6 billion in CHIPS Act award money to fund semiconductor suppliers, legacy chipmakers and others.

BBC News: McCartney roasts Springsteen at Ivor Awards

The star mocks his friend, as he presents him with a prestigious lifetime achievement award.

BBC News: Smoking ban bill set to be shelved due to election

Rishi Sunak's flagship ban on smoking for people born after 2009 runs out of time to pass into law.

BBC News: Boy died of sepsis after important GP note missed

A nine-year-old boy died from sepsis after doctors and nurses missed a "significant" GP note.

BBC News: Macron halts reform that sparked island 'insurrection'

He says local leaders should engage in dialogue to find a new deal for the archipelago's future.

CNBC: GM CEO Mary Barra says she has no plans to retire soon as automaker's transformation continues

GM CEO Mary Barra on Thursday said she has no plans to retire any time soon, citing a need to ensure the company's transformation is on "a good path."

CNBC: Investing in Space: How the Pentagon is making use of AI with spy satellite data

Space Capital's NYC summit gathered investors and companies for discussions on key industry topics such as Starship, U.S. national security, China.

CNBC: We're trying to make sense of this crazy day on Wall Street, with the market sinking but Nvidia holding strong

Every weekday, the Investing Club releases the Homestretch; an actionable afternoon update just in time for the last hour of trading.

CNBC: This retirement account can be 'triple-tax efficient' for teens this summer, advisor says

Roth individual retirement accounts for kids can offer triple-tax benefits. Here's what parents need to know about opening an IRA for their children.

BBC News: Police submit SNP finances report to prosecutors

The report relates to former SNP chief executive Peter Murrell, the husband of ex-FM Nicola Sturgeon.

BBC News: Football regulator top transfer target for Labour

Labour sees the beautiful game as key to winning back areas like Scunthorpe from the Conservatives.

CNBC: Scottie Scheffler case: Officer broke rules by not turning on body camera in golfer's arrest, chief says

The case against Scottie Scheffler, the world's top golf player is proceeding in Louisville, Kentucky. He is accused of assaulting a police officer.

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