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With the sale of Crypto Telegram handle we are migrating to @CryptoGroups, if you wish to see the community directories, please join us on @CryptoGroups 🙏

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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and happy 2023, to you and your family 🎄🎁

This is an important and welcome update by telegram, 🙏
Telegram to allow no-sim accounts via anon-blockchain-numbers

Dear Crypto Community,

  In 2015, I started many of the most prominent groups on Telegram, including @Litecoin, @Ripple, @Monero and close to 100 more. Many of the names were given back to their founders for free. The Telegram handle @Crypto was purchased by me and used as a directory service for these communities. What’s important to emphasize is the history: before Telegram, many of the “OGs” would voice chat on Teamspeak in a community called WhaleClub. Many of the most prominent names in the industry used to hang out and voice chat, often daily… This lead to many of us forming true friendships and meeting in real life all around the world.

  Bitcoin, at the time, was something you had to explain to people. Spell check continuously corrected the word “bitcoin”, and most people didn’t see its significance.

  The 2017 bubble wasn’t quite like 2013. 2017 brought a huge wave of populism that none of us had seen. Many entered the market, our communities went from 50 members to millions, and we were shocked at how large it all became.. Telegram had now established itself as the primary platform for bitcoin and crypto. Telegram's founder Pavel was clearly managing the huge influx well, updating groups size limits and functionality accordingly, turning Telegram into what it is today; the home of Bitcoin and Crypto.

  During the 2017 bubble, we had a constant stream of people asking us to advertise within groups. As the groups were started with friends, we kept their integrity by not allowing advertising, and thus turned down millions of dollars in advertising revenue. I got so tired of explaining to people why I didn’t accept money, and our crew found the quickest way to not get a response was to say advertising cost 5 BTC per pinned post (5 BTC is a reference only the Whaleclub OG’s would know). Eventually though, people accepted 5 BTC for advertising and were utterly confused when we still turned it down.

  Telegram is evolving, big changes are happening with blockchain integration and a lot more coming. The handle @Crypto has served us well but its likely going to be used for bigger purposes, and after 6 years of ownership and use, its time for a new owner.

  I’d like to make clear that the communities we run will continue. We will continue to support the free anti-spam bots that thousands of communities use, but we will be going under a different name, and the @Crypto Telegram handle will likely find a new home.

  I have no doubt whoever is lucky enough to purchase the @Crypto Telegram handle will position themselves well on the most important chat app in the crypto industry. Whether the name be used as a payment gateway/platform, or what be it, Telegram has clearly established its history and prominence in the industry, and as the entire app is moving toward blockchain, @Crypto is realistically in the top 1 or 2 names that the app has to offer. For example; @bank sold for 1.5 million, @News sold for 1.7 million, @avia for 1.44 million and they didn’t have an established community behind them. Elon Musk, amongst others, has shown us that those who control the social media space also control its direction and future. I hope that whoever acquires this name puts it to good use and looks after the community as we have done.

  The starting bid price for the @Crypto Telegram handle will be placed at 650,000 Ton. If sold, I plan on using some of the money to update our bots and website. If, for any reason, the Telegram handle doesn’t sell, we will open ourselves to advertising.

Thank you to all


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The blockchain industry was built on the promise of decentralization, but ended up being concentrated in the hands of a few who began to abuse their power. As a result, a lot of people lost their money when FTX, one of the largest exchanges, went bankrupt.

The solution is clear: blockchain-based projects should go back to their roots – decentralization. Cryptocurrency users should switch to trustless transactions and self-hosted wallets that don't rely on any single third party.

We, developers, should steer the blockchain industry away from centralization by building fast and easy-to-use decentralized applications for the masses. Such projects are finally feasible today.

It took only 5 weeks and 5 people including myself to put together Fragment – a fully decentralized auction platform. We were able to do this because Fragment is based on The Open Network, or TON – a blockchain platform that is fast and efficient enough to host popular applications (unlike Ethereum, which unfortunately remains outdated and expensive even after its recent tweaks).

Fragment has been an amazing success, with 50 million USD worth of usernames sold there in less than a month. This week, Fragment will expand beyond usernames.

Telegram's next step is to build a set of decentralized tools, including non-custodial wallets and decentralized exchanges for millions of people to securely trade and store cryptocurrencies. This way we can fix the wrongs caused by the excessive centralization, which let down hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency users.

The time when the inefficiencies of legacy platforms justified centralization should be long gone. With technologies like TON reaching their potential, the blockchain industry should be finally able to deliver on its core mission – giving the power back to the people. sells Telegram handles, we thought we would put a good name that's not actively used for sale. The Telegram handle @CryptoTrading

Available for sale at

FTX stopped withdrawals on the 7th of November, I propose it becomes an annual anniversary to take your Bitcoin/Crypto off exchanges to cold storage. We should call it "Cold Storage Day".

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