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Two German women, a Senegalese man and a Spanish woman were killed and 16 injured after a beachfront restaurant in #Mallorca partially collapsed. ๐Ÿ‘‡

The man detained over the shooting of Robert Fico said he had wanted to hurt the Slovak prime minister because he disagreed with government policies and used a gun he had owned for more than 30 years, a released court document has shown.

The annual Chelsea in Bloom, London's largest free flower festival, has transformed the neighborhood into a riot of natural color.

This year's VivaTech is centered around Artificial Intelligence. Thousands of tech start-up companies have gathered in Paris, bringing with them the latest in robotics and gadgetry.

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IDF releases first-person view of intensive military operation in Gaza

IDF says Israeli troops are continuing operational activity in specific areas of Rafah, Jabaliya, and in central Gaza. Several militants were eliminated in close-quarters encounters, IDF said.

Israeli forces killed 35 Palestinians in aerial and ground bombardments across the Gaza Strip on Thursday and battled in close combat with Hamas-led militants in areas of the southern city of Rafah, health officials and Hamas media said.

#Gaza #Israel #Palestine

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๐Ÿบ No pint left behind: Man sprints to save his beer from a dust devil

Witness the dramatic scene at The Begelly Arms Hotel in Pembrokeshire as a dust devil forms in the car park, capturing the attention of bystanders.

One man's quick thinking leads him to rush back for his left-behind pint amid the chaos.
#wind #beer #tornado

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Russia launches nuclear training exercise

Russian forces have begun exercises ordered by President Putin to simulate launching tactical nuclear weapons, the Defence Ministry said. Moscow has linked the exercises to what it calls "militant statements" by Western officials.

Analysts believe these drills are a warning to deter Western involvement in the Ukraine war. Western countries have supplied weapons and intelligence to Kyiv but haven't sent troops.

#Russia #Ukraine #Putin

"Dear customers, your order is ready, please remove your dishes from the tray!" The invitation does not come from a lazy waiter, but from a robot.

Would you like to be served by a robot waiter? ๐Ÿ‘‡

A campaigner says the UK's infected blood scandal that has killed 3,000 people must lead to an end to the UK's "paternalistic culture" where reputations matter more than justice.
#bloodscandal #bloodinquiry

Unassuming Hungarian architecture professor Erno Rubik thought his multicolored cube puzzle might be a passing fad.

But 50 years on, itโ€™s still attracting young fans.
Do you think this is the best puzzle ever made? And have you ever completed it? ๐Ÿ‘‡

โ€˜Coward.โ€™ โ€˜Corrupt.โ€™ โ€˜Fatally arrogant.โ€™ โ€˜Not up to the task.โ€™ Cross-continental accusations, insults and demands for apologies fly between the two countries. CGTNโ€™s Ken Browne explains.

A would-be prince, a former judge and parliamentarian and retired military officers are among nine alleged conspirators standing trial for a suspected 'Reichsbuerger' plot to overthrow Germany's democracy.

Professor Lew ๐Ÿง  doesnโ€™t have a degree. But in a sense, sheโ€™s perfectly qualified to conduct research on Chinese giant salamanders. The reason: she is one! Poaching and urban development ๐Ÿขare posing serious risks to these salamanders. But London Zoo is now working with the โ€˜professorโ€™ to learn more about her species and, hopefully, boost its numbers ๐Ÿ“ˆ

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The International Criminal Court prosecutor's office has requested arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his defense chief and three Hamas leaders for alleged war crimes.

Prosecutor Karim Khan's office said it suspected leaders on both sides bore criminal responsibility for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Israel or the Gaza Strip.

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Public inquiry finds the infected blood scandal that killed 3,000 and left thousands more suffering with hepatitis or HIV was no accident, blaming a catalogue of failures by government and doctors.

"This disaster was not an accident," said inquiry chair Brian Langstaff, who says proper compensation must now be paid. "The infections happened because those in authority - doctors, the blood services and successive governments - did not put patient safety first."

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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is no longer in immediate danger but still in a serious condition, his deputy said on Sunday.

Swiss pre-schoolers can now interact with a robot teacher named โ€˜Naoโ€™. It is believed that interacting with robots will be as common as using a smartphone by the time these children are adults. #robot #robotteacher #nao #Switzerland #technology #education

Gaza has been rocked by fierce fighting even as a โ€˜floating pierโ€™ offers hope for desperate residents.

Officials say 90 trucks can collect aid from the pier each day. The news comes as Israel and Hamas engage in some of the most intense fighting of the war.

#Gaza #Palestine #Israel #US

French police shot dead an armed man who set fire to a synagogue in the northwestern city of Rouen and threatened police with a knife. France has seen a huge spike in antisemitic acts since Israelโ€™s military incursion into Gaza in response to Hamas' October 7 attack.

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Residents said Israeli armor had thrust as far as the market at the heart of Jabalia, the largest of Gaza's eight historic refugee camps, and that bulldozers were demolishing homes and shops in the path of the advance.
#Israel #Gaza #Palestine ๐Ÿ‘‡

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