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耶和华是良善正直的, 所以他必指示罪人走 正 路。 耶和华啊,求你因你的名赦免我的罪, 因为我的罪重大。 谁敬畏耶和华, 耶和华必指示他当选择的道路。
诗篇 25:8 , 11 - 12 CUNPSS-神
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Worship Music 31 Jul, 12:02
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Worship Music 31 Jul, 12:01
Dear God - Cory Asbury | To Love A Fool
Check out "Dear God" from Cory Asbury's album "To Love A Fool" Listen on ALL platforms here: https://bethelmusic.lnk.to/toloveafoolID #ToLoveAFool #CoryAsbury Verse 1 Dear God, I’ve been trying awful hard to make You proud of me But it seems the harder that I try, the harder it becomes And I feel like giving up Most of the time Verse 2 Dear God, I’ve been chasing their approval and it’s killing me And I know the more I try to prove the less I have to show And I’m stuck inside my head Most of the time Pre Chorus But if I pray a little harder If I follow all the rules I wonder could I ever be enough Chorus ‘Cause I try and try Just to fall back down again And I ask myself why Do I try to chase the wind I should lean into the mystery Maybe hope is found in a melody So I wanna try again Oh, I’m gonna try again Verse 3 Dear child, I hope you know how much I love you and I’m proud of you Please believe the thoughts I have for you will never change or fade away When you felt like giving up I never did Pre…
Worship Music 16 May, 12:59
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Worship Music 16 May, 12:55
Worship Music 2 Nov 2020, 20:29
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Worship Music 2 Nov 2020, 20:29
Worship Music 7 Oct 2020, 05:09
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Worship Music 7 Oct 2020, 04:51
No One Beside/Have My Heart | Live | Elevation Worship
“No One Beside" and "Have My Heart" from the album Graves Into Gardens by Elevation Worship. Available everywhere now: https://elevationworship.lnk.to/GravesIntoGardensYT Subscribe to get the latest videos and songs: https://bit.ly/2kzs91K Connect with Elevation Worship: Website | https://www.elevationworship.com Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/elevationworship/ Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/elevationworship/ Twitter | https://twitter.com/elevation_wrshp Lyrics: Within my heart Is a melody that was not taught In the darkest night it still goes on The anthem of my God Within my heart Is a treasure that cannot be bought When all else is faded it will not The presence of my God Oh magnify the Lord Let us exalt His name together No one beside You Lord Honor and praise are Yours forever Before Your throne In the mystery that can be known Lives the majesty that’s Yours alone How glorious You are You are the one Who redeems the wrongs that I have done Reigning over all the days to come How glorious…
Worship Music 28 Sep 2020, 08:59
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Worship Music 28 Sep 2020, 08:49
Whatever Your Plan Is - Josie Buchanan | Moment
"Whatever Your Plan Is" sung by Josie Buchanan live at Bethel Church Lyrics: Verse 1 You alone can hold This heart and all my hope You're the author and the architect Of flesh and bone My future and my past This life and all my plans I'm surrendered on the altar Light the flame again Chorus Whatever your plan is You will make a way for it Whatever Your will is Come and do it here Verse 2 I trust that you will know Where my feet should go And I never have to second guess The word You spoke And if I've lost Your path And strayed from what You said I'm surrendered on the altar Light the flame again Bridge Every corner of my heart Take your place in every part Have Your way Your ways have never failed me once Though it costs me everything I'll still follow where You lead Have Your way Your ways have never failed me once Writers: Josie Buchanan, Hunter Thompson, Paul McClure Subscribe for the latest videos and songs: http://bit.ly/BMsubscribe Stay Connected: Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/bethelmusic/…
Worship Music 11 Aug 2020, 09:59
How He Loves - Paul McClure | Moment
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Worship Music 9 Aug 2020, 04:28
Worship Music 27 Jun 2020, 08:57
Highlands (Song Of Ascent) [Live] Hillsong UNITED @worshipmusic2018
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Worship Music 20 Jun 2020, 04:18
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Worship Music 21 May 2020, 20:41
Worship Music 21 May 2020, 20:41
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Worship Music 23 Apr 2020, 12:55
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