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首先多謝 http://t.me/standwithhongkong channel 既朋友義助整張咁多張圖同埋聯絡傳媒。

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To Hongkongers,

We are a group of academic, teaching, research and administrative staff from the tertiary education sector who care about Hong Kong. We are writing to express our anger and condemnation to the violence that broke out in Yuen Long and Sheung Wan on 21 July 2019.

A never-before-seen violence and terror covered Hong Kong on the night of 21 July 2019. Dozens of armed men dressed in white, who were suspected to be triad gangsters, stormed Yuen Long MTR Station to beat up passengers on the way home. Not only targeting at the pro-democracy protesters, the gang also assaulted passers-by including the elderly, women and children, and journalists, causing at least 45 people injured. We are disappointed in the police for their unresponsiveness to the chaos and shocked by the suspected linkages between the police and the gangsters, and also the armed men and Junius Ho Kwan-yiu, Council Member of Lingnan University that were revealed after the attack. At the other side of Hong Kong, riot police fired tear gas canisters and rubber bullets intensively without warning to disperse protesters in Sheung Wan. We seriously condemn the police for their excessive violence used on civilians.

The Chief Executive and the principal officials of the HKSAR Government have an undeniable responsibility to the current critical situation in Hong Kong. It is said in “Da Xue” by Confucius, that “the way of ultimate wisdom is the comprehension of absolute integrity, genial development of the common people and endless pursuit of the perfection of humanities” (translated by Betty Tseng). In Chinese culture, the greatest intellectual pursuit is one’s integrity, which is also the quality we expect from the government officials. We ask Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of the HKSAR, to restore her sincerity of serving Hong Kong people, lead her team of government officials to make a clear response to the five demands raised by Hongkongers, and to return democracy and freedom to Hong Kong as promised in the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

We Hongkongers must stand together, even more so in this turbulent time, to protect our home for ourselves and our next generation.

From a group of academic, teaching, research and administrative staff from the tertiary education sector of Hong Kong

Update: 尋日由tg俾相既朋友,我應該del左95% 搵過某tg account既history同chat. 如果leak左, 麻煩delete history and delete chat 🙏🏻

少少update: 多謝大家支持,我地留意到google drive同dropbox有少量新既entry. 最新數字係335.

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