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Further to our previous efforts in persuading the US to abolish the special treatments accorded to Hong Kong pursuant to the US-HK Policy Act, our Convenor Andy Chan Ho-tin sent another letter to the US Department of State on 1st September, in which we argued in addition to our previous letter to the US President Donald J. Trump that:

1. 當日政策法之制訂假設了香港政制將在主權移交後步向民主化,但主權移交後的香港政制越來越背離民主,政策法下給予香港特殊待遇的基礎早已喪失。
1. The Policy Act was written with the assumption that Hong Kong would progress towards a democracy after the 1997 transfer of sovereignty, and yet the reality is that it has regressed backwards, to the opposite direction. The assumed basis for the differential treatments accorded to Hong Kong is therefore no longer valid.

2. ‎政策法下美國可向香港出口涉及重要技術的商品。由於香港早已是中國的傀儡政權,美國給予香港的特殊待遇只會淪為中國竊取美國重要技術的手段,危害美國以至整個自由世界。
2. With the Policy Act in its current state, the US may export strategic technologies and goods to Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong has long since become a puppet regime under China, such differential treatments would only lead to China’s successful industrial espionage against the US, thus endangering the US or even the rest of the free world.

The Hong Kong National Party, being an pro-democracy and pro-civilisation organisation, sincerely hopes that the US would sooner than later realise that Hong Kong is being used by China to threaten the whole free world, and take the appropriate actions to stop China’s unchecked aggressions.
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The HKNP received another dossier yesterday - more of the same so-called "evidence" from the Security Bureau and the Assistant Societies Officer. Attached within are the transcript of our Convenor's recent speech at the FCC, and the open letter we sent to the US President Donald Trump.


That the Hong Kong government would scurry for such ridiculous "further evidence" right after meeting with Chinese officials is proof, yet again, that they are mere colonial puppets. Our Party's ban is a decision made entirely out of political servitude.

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The Hong Kong National Party serves only one interest: the interest of Hong Kong. With the US-China Trade War being waged as is, the only way for Hong Kong is minimise its loses is to clearly demarcate ourselves from China. Only a Hong Kong holding its own sovereignty can clearly make the whole world know: we are not accomplices in China’s economic thievery, but stern protectors of free trade and intellectual property. There is no sight of the US-China Trade War subsiding, and various movements have pointed already towards a new Cold War. Thus comes the time when Hong Kong must decide between the Western camp of freedoms and the Chinese camp of authoritarianism. And the people must as well: whether to be free and independent as Hong Kongers, or become slaves as Chinese. We stand now at the crossroads, and each and every Hong Konger must now make the decision: civilisation or barbarism, freedom or authoritarianism, independent or puppet, justice or evil. We have chosen the former, and we are not for turning.
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Something caused many a roar over the last few days in Hong Kong, almost in unison and definitely in harmony, up from China’s foreign ministry, down to our Chief Executive and the Commerce Economic Development Bureau, and even the many self-proclaimed “patriots” who swear their allegiance to “Chinese Hong Kong”. All for but a single letter: our Party’s recent invitation to US President Donald J. Trump for suspending differential treatments between Hong Kong and China as per the US-HK Policy Act, and revocating Hong Kong’s and China’s respective WTO memberships.
This Chinese roar grew from a factual report of Hong Kong’s current situation. In our letter one can find the fact that Hong Kong’s freedoms and human rights are being trampled upon, the fact that democratic elections are still a figment of our imagination, and the fact that China is abusing Hong Kong as a puppet proxy for its own benefits. Hong Kong stands as a free port and an international financial centre, and for this we are used by the Middle Kingdom as a colonial middle-man for unjustifiable actions. It is through Hong Kong that China has imported and stolen various restricted technologies; it is through Hong Kong that China has exported aid to authoritarian regimes facing international sanctions; and it is through Hong Kong that China has waged economic invasion on other countries. All of these are illegal under international law. And such reckless and illegal actions can only continue for so long until the United States starts suspending the differential treatments outlined in the US-HK Policy Act, and other countries follow suit with their own forms of sanction. When that day comes, China and Hong Kong’s colonial government have only themselves to blame.
The reaction to our Party’s letter has revealed the harmonious chorus behind the Hong Kong colonial government for what they are: hypocrites to the core. To them we say: if you truly were loyal to the Chinese cause, then the complete and utter Sinicisation of Hong Kong should be your guide. Let anthems be sang to the name of the “Greater Bay Area”, praise the “Basic Law” upon the loud cymbals – the United States’ revocating differential treatments between Hong Kong and China should trouble you not, for you have Xi Jinping as your lord and protector. But if your aims are not as pure as you claim them to be, if what you are after is to make a quick and crooked buck in China, all the while using Hong Kong as your slingshot into the free world, if you refuse to stand up for Hong Kong’s freedoms, all the while also refusing to pay the price for colluding with Communist China – then, then there is no future for you. No one can serve two masters. There exists a special place in history for those who wish to have their cake and eat it too, and an especially gruesome one if you happen to be a traitor as well.
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In light of the rapid deterioration of freedoms in Hong Kong, our Party is sending another open letter to the US President Donald Trump, petitioning for his suspending the differential treatments between Hong Kong and China pursuant to the United States-Hong Kong Policy Act, and pushing forward revocation of Hong Kong's and China's respective WTO memberships.

Letter (PDF):
Letter (plain text):
Encl. "CE protests tariff plan":
Attached file
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FCC speech as given by Andy Chan-Ho-Tin (Chinese translation).
Attached file
Full text: FCC speech as given by Andy Chan Ho-Tin
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Our Party's convenor, Andy Chan Ho-Tin will be speaking at the Foreign Correspondence Club tomorrow (14th August). The title will be "Hong Kong Nationalism: A Politically Incorrect Guide to Hong Kong under Chinese Rule". The FCC will be livestreaming the event on their Facebook page. The details of the talk are as follows:

12:30pm 入席
12:45pm 午餐
1:15pm 演講

Tuesday, 14th August 2018
12:30pm for 12:45pm – Lunch
1:15pm – Address
1st Floor of FCC
FCC's Facebook page:
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Our convenor Andy Chan Ho-Tin and his family were being followed lately. No doubt this is an act of intimidation from the Chinese and Hong Kong governments. Despite all this, and for the sake of freedom and dignity, Andy will not withdraw from the talk at the FCC on 14th August.
BREAKING: Not content with just denying HKers the right to free speech, the Chinese Communist government has pressured foreign press to censor themselves, trying to block our party's club lunch talk at the Foreign Correspondence Club on 14th August. The FCC will be livestreaming the talk on Facebook.
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"Hong Kong Nationalism: A Politically Incorrect Guide to Hong Kong under Chinese Rule"
HKNP's convenor Andy Chan Ho Tin will speak at the FCC during club lunch on Tuesday, 14th August.
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