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14.06.2018 06:46
1 Jun 2018, 11:54 (1153 дня назад)
So many icos are claiming high TX/S which is totally useless for mass adoption if it comes with a weak security and high fees.
It is pure vaporware/wind announcement with transient hype and no real value in that case. 😭
No enterprise will be willing to run on a blockchain with poor security.

As a permissioned blockchain Edenchain is aiming to solve all this problems using PoEt+MVT consensus, running parallel executions using namespace technology, using SDKs and APIs to facilitate mass enterprise adoption willing to tokenize their assets and services, secured interoperability with E-Bridge layer, using Intel Software Guard Extension to keep datas safe.
Being built on the open source Hyperledger project is just cherry on the cake 😉