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14.06.2018 06:46
21 May 2018, 15:33 (1123 дня назад)
* EDENCHAIN is the world’s first permissioned blockchain platform that solves the issue of scalability and secure interoperability of existing blockchain technology.
* EDENCHAIN is an improved fork of Hyperledger Sawtooth, an enterprise grade blockchain platform used by over 200 enterprises/organisations worldwide. Edenchain has the following features:
+ Parallel processing of transactions using namespace technology (conceptually similar to sharding)
+ Network can achieve 65mil+ TPS, with 1,000TPS per namespace
+ Low and reliable cost of transactions
+ Transactions processed on a First In, First Out basis leading to reliable timestamps for transaction processing
+ Built in transaction scheduler to batch related transactions together increasing efficiency and speed of the network
+ Masternodes will be supported to increase security and performance of the network
+ RESTful API to lower barriers for blockchain tech adoption
+ Secure interoperability between off-chain and on-chain data using HTTPS and ECC-TC
+ Privacy and confidentiality of users is ensure through permissioned blockchain technology ensuring enterprise trade secrets are kept safe from competitors
+ Robust data integrity through MVT
+ Token burn as transaction fees (less supply = higher prices!)

* EDENCHAIN can be used on a large scale in various industry verticals, such as IOT, supply-chain, telecommunication, finance, logistics, healthcare, ad tech, commerce, energy and more!
* EDENCHAIN has a very strong technical developers, business team and the whole Korean hype factor going for it. They have a partnership with Korea's Across Asia Alliance consisting of 780 innovative startups excited to conduct reverse ICOs. Other partners like ROA Invention Lab are ready to build dapps on EDENCHAIN as soon as mainnet is launched in 4Q2018 (rumour that mainnet launch will be earlier than roadmap)
* The Edenchain core team consists of members with extensive experience in high technology space as well as development, business and entrepreneurship. Edenchain team has proven capability to launch combine technologies together to create ENTERPRISE GRADE solutions.
* Edenchain’s advisors include Benn Godenzi (Co-founder of Interoperability alliance), Mirza Uddin (Two Sigma, largest quant fund, Young Choe (CTO of Pax Datatech) among others.

🔹 Genesis, Midana Capital, LinkVC, DeepTech Ventures and MORE.

🔹 Type: ERC20
🔹 Symbol: EDN
🔹 Hardcap: $24,000,000
🔹 Total token supply: 1,000,000,000
🔹 Sold in ICO: 40%
🔹 Public Sale: end May
#DYOR #NotInvestmentAdvice