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Quarkchain meetup in Seoul! Wonder if they’ll make any partnerships in Korea 😍😍
So many icos are claiming high TX/S which is totally useless for mass adoption if it comes with a weak security and high fees.
It is pure vaporware/wind announcement with transient hype and no real value in that case. 😭
No enterprise will be willing to run on a blockchain with poor security.

As a permissioned blockchain Edenchain is aiming to solve all this problems using PoEt+MVT consensus, running parallel executions using namespace technology, using SDKs and APIs to facilitate mass enterprise adoption willing to tokenize their assets and services, secured interoperability with E-Bridge layer, using Intel Software Guard Extension to keep datas safe.
Being built on the open source Hyperledger project is just cherry on the cake 😉
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Репост из: EdenChainAnnouncements
* EDENCHAIN is the world’s first permissioned blockchain platform that solves the issue of scalability and secure interoperability of existing blockchain technology.
* EDENCHAIN is an improved fork of Hyperledger Sawtooth, an enterprise grade blockchain platform used by over 200 enterprises/organisations worldwide. Edenchain has the following features:
+ Parallel processing of transactions using namespace technology (conceptually similar to sharding)
+ Network can achieve 65mil+ TPS, with 1,000TPS per namespace
+ Low and reliable cost of transactions
+ Transactions processed on a First In, First Out basis leading to reliable timestamps for transaction processing
+ Built in transaction scheduler to batch related transactions together increasing efficiency and speed of the network
+ Masternodes will be supported to increase security and performance of the network
+ RESTful API to lower barriers for blockchain tech adoption
+ Secure interoperability between off-chain and on-chain data using HTTPS and ECC-TC
+ Privacy and confidentiality of users is ensure through permissioned blockchain technology ensuring enterprise trade secrets are kept safe from competitors
+ Robust data integrity through MVT
+ Token burn as transaction fees (less supply = higher prices!)

* EDENCHAIN can be used on a large scale in various industry verticals, such as IOT, supply-chain, telecommunication, finance, logistics, healthcare, ad tech, commerce, energy and more!
* EDENCHAIN has a very strong technical developers, business team and the whole Korean hype factor going for it. They have a partnership with Korea's Across Asia Alliance consisting of 780 innovative startups excited to conduct reverse ICOs. Other partners like ROA Invention Lab are ready to build dapps on EDENCHAIN as soon as mainnet is launched in 4Q2018 (rumour that mainnet launch will be earlier than roadmap)
* The Edenchain core team consists of members with extensive experience in high technology space as well as development, business and entrepreneurship. Edenchain team has proven capability to launch combine technologies together to create ENTERPRISE GRADE solutions.
* Edenchain’s advisors include Benn Godenzi (Co-founder of Interoperability alliance), Mirza Uddin (Two Sigma, largest quant fund, Young Choe (CTO of Pax Datatech) among others.

🔹 Genesis, Midana Capital, LinkVC, DeepTech Ventures and MORE.

🔹 Type: ERC20
🔹 Symbol: EDN
🔹 Hardcap: $24,000,000
🔹 Total token supply: 1,000,000,000
🔹 Sold in ICO: 40%
🔹 Public Sale: end May
#DYOR #NotInvestmentAdvice
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Why we like Edenchain:

1. The CEO is well qualified in the blockchain space - he served as a consultant to the NIA Platform, a technical advisor to the National Computing & Information Service (Korea), and an advisor to Cloud for the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards. He has also written four books and several papers relating to machine learning and finance, and delivered presentations at several conferences for the development of technology, such as Pycon and Open Technet.

2. Rest of the team have industry specific background with connections globally ; we met them specifically to verify authenticity and qualifications in this space. Incidentally they have been receiving invites from world-famous projects and institutions. They have been inundated with capital injection offers but understand the need to run a crowdsale as part of branding.

3. They have delivered the MVP ahead of schedule and testnet results will be made available soon. MVP will be presented to enterprises that have keen interest to adopt the blockchain.

4. Masternodes drive hype ; Edenchain’s initial focus is on private-chain (Similar to Hashgraph). This is valuable for cashflow generation as they tap into the enterprise market.

5. Projects will be able to build dApps on their platform ; drives adoption of the platform. Additionally Edenchain uses Solidity for its programming language ; reducing the barriers for building on their platform.

6. Token price is low (especially after bonus). To prevent the price dumping, they have been EXTREMELY STRICT and against pools. This is why there is the same lock up across all pre-sale participants ; which will prevent price dumping.

7. One of the advisor, Mina Jeong, is the founder, CEO and managing director of M&K PR , a leading PR firm in Korea.

8. They will be launching an ICO platform – HelloEden. The platform will be a one stop service space for startups for ICO coin release, marketing, and investment (Basically End To End total service by a platform). Hence the partnership with the number one PR / Marketing Firm M&K in Korea. Other partnerships include government linked bodies.

Sources for Research:

Reviews and Eden Blog:


Telegram :


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Репост из: OLD -> Sergio's announcements
After a meeting with the Edenchain team I feel much more reassured regarding their MVP and value of their project on the short - mid - long term, therefor I marked the project as having an MVP and updated the release date of a working version to 6 months (the first review was some months ago already).

Their partnerships seem to be the foundation of real future collaborations, not the typical shilling list of names.
Edenchain aims to be a reference at Korean, which is a strategical country on the blockchain space.

The new rating is 87%

You can check Edenchain rating and many other projects here:
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EdenChain is an upcoming ICO from korea with strong partnerships, a strong team and has a vision that rivals that of Icon, Aion and Wanchain.

This is a project that is still in the very early stages of development and has not been discovered by most of the community yet!

It’s ICO has a hard cap of 24m, very reasonable and low for a project which has a true value of 1-3bn USD given the comparable projects.

The current bear market is the ideal condition to invest in ICOs because there is no FOMO for these high quality ICOs, meaning that the investors in ICOs now are long-term investors who had made careful deliberations before investing. The lack of flippers drastically reduces the total supply available for flipping and trading and will guarantee that the project hits 5-10x upon listing.

Did the current bear reduced your portfolio significantly such that you do not have enough ethers left to participate? No worries because EdenChain had announced an incredibly attractive bounty program for its community to gain EDNs!!



DEADLINE : 30 March 2018,20:00:00 EST

Types of Bounty:

1)Article/Blog Reviews

1st Prize : 30,000 EDN
2nd Prize : 25,000 EDN
3rd Prize : 20,000 EDN

Shortlisted Articles : 7,500 - 12,500 EDN [15]
Other High Quality Articles : up to 1,000 EDN

Voting : Yes

2)Video Reviews

1st Prize : 40,000 EDN
2nd Prize : 35,000 EDN
3rd Prize : 30,000 EDN

Shortlisted Articles : 10,500 - 15,500 EDN [10]
Other High Quality Articles : up to 1,500 EDN

3)Explainer Video

Chosen : 75,000 EDN


Chosen : 7,500 EDN [10]

More information:
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TE-FOOD was company valued at $3-4mil BEFORE the ICO took place. Now that's a rare gem in the ICO scene. How often do you come across a business with revenue and profits in the cryptocurrency landscape with a product that consumers are willing to pay for?

Most other companies have ZERO value prior to ICO. Invest in REAL businesses, not vapourware companies. Choose TE-FOOD. Long-term HODL with expected $1bn mcap by year end. That's 50x from ICO price!
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We hope you have already signed up and did KYC for Te-food. Here is an amazing article about Te-food on Forbes, .

If you have not, KYC reopens on Saturday 17 February 2018, at 11 AM GMT reopens with limited slots. Be sure to register later on today!
/*** Market Cap Comparisons ***/
TeFood: $19m
VeChain: $2.38b (~125x)
Walton: $600m (~31x)
Ambrosus: $80m (~4x)
WaBi: $80m (~4x)

TeFood is far, far ahead of business prospects and partnerships than ALL of its competitors. All other supply chain projects are only starting to build partnerships and clients, which TeFood has already done for YEARS.

Once the Youtube and research groups are able to buy their bags and starts to shill it in 1-2 months, I expect the valuation of TeFood to exceed Ambrosus and Wabi by April 2018 with a valuation of $100-250m. My medium-term target for TeFood is ~$1 billion market cap, with potential to become the BIGGEST supply chain project in the whole crypto market.

Verdict: Long-term HODL
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TeFood ICO - Very confident of a 5x return on this excellent supply chain project. Check it out:
The last time NULS had a major update, the price went up by 100%, we expect similar momentum to moon this time!