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22.07.2019 18:01
21 Aug 2020, 05:13 (264 дня назад)
Foreign Media interview
No.: # IR578
Interview content: The interview is for an audio-documentary series on Hong Kong in production for the Australian Institute of International Affairs. Looking for personal accounts of involvement in the protests beginning with the anti-extradition protests in July 2019 to today. This is an opportunity to tell your personal story and how the protests and National Security law has affected your life in Hong Kong.

Interviewee background: HK protesters, media and academics welcome.

Format: Ideally a recorded call via Zoom (encrypted). Via message on Telegram or Whatsapp an option (we can use voice actors).

Pseudonym allowed. Voice modulation and potential use of voice actors an option to ensure anonymity.

Please contact admin on-duty if you are interested

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