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#服務公告 #故障通報

因爲 EU-01 地區的其中一個供應商出現 Hypervisor 以及網絡問題, @SilentServiceBot 將會暫時停止服務。
進一步的資訊將會在 @tlgrmHK 發放,對於所造成的不便,我們深感抱歉。

#ServiceAnnouncement #OutageReport

Due to an unprecedented outage of Hypervisor along with network issues, @SilentServiceBot will be temporarily unavailable for a short period.
We will keep you posted in the Telegram channel @tlgrmHK with further updates. And we are deeply sorry for any inconveniences caused.
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Response on incidents related to phone number sharing on Telegram

Since late March 2021, the (Unofficial) Telegram Support Group of Hong Kong have received over 20 reports, indicating their phone number registered with Telegram applications, are shared upon configuring the other user to become a Telegram contact of the complainant.

Upon investigation, the Support Group has discovered:

User A - The complainant involved in the investigation
User B - Friend of the complainant

1)Regardless the use of official Telegram applications, upon User A configuring User B as contact, with or without the option to explicitly sharing phone number, there is a chance that Telegram servers will automatically put User B into the exception list of sharing phone number, eventually User B can always read the phone number of User A until removing the exception.

2)Even after cleaning the exception list, there is a small chance (i.e. 6 accounts of all the reported cases) that your account will persist the sharing of phone number to that specific "contact".

After multiple follow-up, most of the affected Telegram accounts have rectified the situation by taking the following steps:

1)Deleting all contacts in Telegram

2)Inspect and removing all configured exceptions in Privacy settings

Last but not least, the Support Group wishes everyone that lives in the chaotic world, to stay alert and keep learning about latest news and techniques of information security. If you and/or your organisation recognising a need of infosec training/workshop, you may contact our volunteers for a referral.
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Telegram 聯絡人設定問題的注意事項

Telegram (非官方) 香港支援工作小組自 2021 年 3 月底起,收到超過 20 份回報,指他們在 Telegram 平台上把其他人設定爲聯絡人後,會自動分享電話號碼。


1)在 Telegram 平台上,不論是否使用官方應用程式,都會在設定聯絡人的過程當中,有機會把對方的帳戶收納到「永久分享電話號碼」例外清單

2)即使把例外清單清空,以及將帳戶設定爲隱藏電話號碼後,亦有小部分機會(所有回報中有 6 個帳號) 未能成功隱藏自己的電話號碼




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目前,有部分亞洲互聯網服務供應商出現 packet loss 的情況,大家於連接到部分雲端服務時,將會感到緩慢或未能連接。
部分供應商已經啓用後備方案,以改善路由 (routing) 情況。

此外,目前 Telegram 於亞洲、北美洲、歐洲的伺服器均出現不穩定的情況,技術人員已經開始着手維修,預計至少 1.5 小時後才能逐步回復正常。


Currently, some internet service providers in Asia are experiencing packet loss situation, citizens in the APAC region may be unable to connect to certain cloud services.
Some of the service providers have already kicked in their alternative routing behaviour to improve connectivities.

In additional, Telegram services in APAC, North America and Europe are unstable for now. Technical Engineers are already repairing, but it is expected 1.5 hours before a gradual resumption.
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目前 Telegram 亞洲、北美洲地區服務正受影響,大家於使用 Telegram 服務時會感受緩慢速度,敬請見諒。


Currently the Pan-Asia, North America Telegram Server is in very slow response, this may render slow or unusable situations on Telegram services.

按前述公告之約定日,我們即將關閉位於日本地區的 MTProxy 服務。




As previously announced, we are now closing down our Japan MTProxy service.
Please disconnect from our server as soon as possible, and if needed, connect to the MTProxy services provided by third parties.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Link to previous announcement:
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目前 Telegram DC 5 服務正受影響,大家於使用 Telegram 服務時會感受緩慢速度,敬請見諒。


Currently the Pan-Asia Telegram Server is in very slow response, and you may experience slow or unable to use Telegram service in Pan-Asia regions.
#隨緣樂助 #或多或少 #卻是未定

自 2018 年開始, @hexlightning_bot 致力爲港臺兩地 Telegram 用戶,打擊濫發、色情、廣告等類型的惱人訊息。此外,亦有連同 Telegram 義工及本頻道,發佈安全公告、Telegram 服務訊息等工作。

這些工作都是靠一隊不辭勞苦的義工團隊,默默的不分晝夜工作,爲大家處理回報。希望大家可以隨緣樂助,所得款項扣除匯款費用後, @hexUniverse 團隊將用作繳交伺服器費用及營運開支。



虛擬貨幣 ETH 地址:
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目前 Telegram 亞洲區服務大致回復正常;有關於香港區服務間歇緩慢,主要因為本地網絡營辦商往來 Telegram 伺服器的路由並非最佳路線,以致服務有所影響,詳情請向相關營辦商查詢。


Telegram services in Pan-Asia is now recovered in full speed. However, users in Hong Kong region may still suffer slowness or high latency, this is due to the local Internet Service Provider is not using an optimal internet routing path to Telegram servers, you may make enquiries to your ISP with regard such situation.
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#服務公告 #呼籲

由於亞洲及南美洲的 Telegram 服務目前正受到影響,現階段可能會自動登出一部分使用者的 APP,以及不能顯示已儲存訊息
如果遇到以上情況,請不要嘗試重新登入,否則會觸發 Telegram 防止濫用機制,以致你的帳號於短時間內都不能進行任何動作,包括但不限於發送/刪除訊息、管理群組成員等。

#ServiceAnnouncement #Advisory

Due to Telegram services in Pan-Asia and South America are affected, you may experience being logged off, or unable to read saved messages.
If you ever encountered the above situations, please DO NOT attempt logging in and out. You may otherwise trigger the anti-flooding measurement from the Telegram server, leading a temporary ban to your account, as a result you may not proceed to send/delete messages, or manage group members, etc.
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目前 Telegram DC 5 服務正受影響,大家於使用 Telegram 服務時會感受緩慢速度,敬請見諒。


Currently the Pan-Asia Telegram Server is in very slow response, and you may experience slow or unable to use Telegram service in Pan-Asia regions.

【tl;dr: 於 2020 年 12 月 1 日, @tlgrmhk 於日本地區提供的 MTProxy 服務將永久停止服務】

由於有伺服器供應商更新合約時,箇中部分條款並未符合本工作小組的價值觀及理念。有見及此,本工作小組決定於舊有合約期滿日(即 2020 年 12 月 1 日)起,停止使用該供應商的伺服器。

以上決定將會影響到現有 MTProxy 服務;而經過工作小組權衡利害關係,以及有見服務使用量日趨下降,我們決定於上述日期(即 2020 年 12 月 1 日)當天,於日本地區停止提供由 @tlgrmHK 營運的公共 MTProxy 服務。

爲免服務因此而受到影響,敬請大家及早切換到其他 MTProxy 服務供應商。

因此帶來不便,Telegram (非官方) 香港支援工作小組謹此致歉。
#服務公告 #Bot相關資訊

@SilentServiceBot 性能已經大大改善,並能夠穩定地快速完成刪除動作。

Bot 詳情請看:
Telegram 7.1 已經出爐~

大家可以去 App Store 或者 Google Play 更新手機版啦!
就 Telegram 平台上個人私隱資料的呼籲

Telegram (非官方) 香港支援工作小組留意到近日有女性用戶聯合回報,指收到很多陌生訊息騷擾,經過臺灣 @hexuniverse 小精靈排查後,有發現部分「成人台」會盜取其他 Telegram 用戶的大頭照,並連同 Telegram 通訊方式 (@username) 傳送到所經營的成人頻道、群組等地方。


1)由於香港言論自由已經大幅收窄,工作小組謹此提醒各位,不要在 Telegram 平台上傳個人資料或名稱。Telegram 是一個自由的通訊平台,除了電話號碼以外,基本上你並無責任交出任何個人資料。

2)如果你曾經使用個人資料,請考慮到 刪除現有帳號,並以預付儲值電話卡重新辦理 Telegram 帳號。


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#MTProxy #出爐啦

我哋團隊正式推出 beta 試行版 MTProto proxy,幫助大家喺 Telegram 使用上有多一重保障~

伺服器資金: @tlgrmHK 團隊自費支付

按此加入 Proxy
就有關於 Telegram 安全問題的呼籲

Telegram (非官方) 香港支援工作小組留意到近日有消息,指 Telegram 有嚴重安全問題。


1)工作小組近日與不願具名的業界人士溝通後,確認 2020 年 4 月份版本的數位鑑證套裝軟件(包括 Cellebrite PA 及 UFED 等),能夠擷取部分 Android 及 iOS 裝置內,Telegram 的所有現存及已刪除對話內容。另外,業界人士亦確認 2019 年 12 月份版本的散列演算法軟件,已經能夠解開 Android 及 iOS 的 Telegram 客戶端密碼(亦稱 App passcode)。

2)工作小組與資訊安全工程師溝通後,未有發現任何高重要度的 CVE,同時亦未有發現通訊協定有即時的安全隱憂。工作小組認爲目前而言,Telegram 使用者之間的通訊依然安全。

3)工作小組與資訊安全工程師測試後,發現漏洞編號 CVE-2019-15514 依然能夠於部分 Telegram 使用者身上重現,即表示有部分香港市民與使用 Telegram 時候,未有選擇隱藏電話號碼。工作小組憂慮,按照目前香港的政治及社會局勢,這個功能漏洞會被不法分子利用,從而被揭露未曾公開的個人私隱資料(NIST CWE-200)。

4)工作小組亦提醒香港市民,有鑑於 Telegram 的資料庫已經能夠被鑑證軟件輕易破解,如果有需要交換敏感訊息,建議改爲使用 Signal。

Signal 下載地址:
Android //
iOS //
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Advisory on recent Telegram security concern

The (Unofficial) Telegram Support Group of Hong Kong have noticed a recent security concern across multiple Telegram channels.

The Support Group would like to remind citizens of Hong Kong on the followings:

1)There is a saying, that Telegram chats are recoverable via the use of forensic software. The Support Group has investigated with an unnamed source in the industry, and confirmed that the forensic suite version by April 2020, including Cellebrite PA and UFED, are indeed capable of retrieving existing and deleted Telegram chats. The source has also confirmed that an unnamed hash algorithm software version by December 2019, is capable to unlock Android and iOS Telegram apps, with app passcode lock activated.

2)The Support Group has communicated with an Information Security Engineer, and found no high-priority CVE exploitations or imminent MTProto security concern. By then, the Support Group believes that the communication between Telegram users are still safe and sound.

3)The Support Group has tested with an Information Security Engineer, and found the exploit number CVE-2019-15514 is still reproducible. This means a number of Hong Kong Citizens have not chosen to hide their personal phone number. In view of current Hong Kong politics and society movements, the Support Group worries this exploitation may be used by rogue entities, attaining unrevealed personal information(NIST CWE-200).

4)The Support Group would like to emphasize that Telegram databases can be easily decrypted by forensic software. Should you feel the need to exchange sensitive messages, please use Signal instead.

Download Signal:
Android //
iOS //
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@SilentServiceBot 服務逐漸回覆正常。
#服務公告 #緊急維護

由於網絡故障影響關係,@SilentServiceBot 的服務將會暫時停頓。
進一步的資訊將會在 @tlgrmHK 發放,對於所造成的不便,我們深感抱歉。