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Гео и язык канала
Китай, Английский
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Really Hope you got some value of this

One more touch point. It was invented by BitMEX in 2017 and by 2018 became the most liquid traded market for BTC influencing BTC price, and changing the shape of the chart to sharp moves we call “barts”. It’s mainly traded by retail as it’s easy to understand.

Liquidation continues

What is liquidation?

Applying funding

More thoughts

Premiums and funding rate

Basics on open Interest

Explanation of Perpetual Swaps: Open Interest, Premiums/Discounts, Funding rates, Liquidations

First thing first

Nation states are funded by tax and the printing of money.

What happens to that funding when:

1) workers are online and choose to work from places that don’t tax them?

2) people dump nation state fiat for Bitcoin?

Revenue dead, nation state dead. New power structure comes.

America was an experiment in decentralisation and it flourished with sound money; it’s in the constitution. This ended over a period between WW2 and 1971 when gold was confiscated as it transitioned to fiat.

10% stock market correction is more common than most people think. So if someone talks about the recent correction as as if the sky is falling, it is simply because they don't have enough experience in the stock market.

2021 was a rare exceptional year that the US market didn't fall much and many new investors thought it was a norm.

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